Immigration and Visas for Kenya

Immigration and Visas for Kenya

Working whether seeing, investing in or visiting Kenya, there’s some paperwork and fees. With regulations and payments that change based on country of origin and reason for the immigration or visa, although the practice is quite standard with straightforward guidelines and fee structures.

With the danger of global terrorism and kidnapping of foreigners on coastal areas north west of Pate Island , especially close to the border, in the Garissa District, and by terrorists on Kenyan land, entrance into Kenya by foreigners is rigorously regulated.

Points of entry into Kenya

Strategically located, Kenya allows entry to its own borders by roads from the neighboring countries of Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia, by sea through the Indian Ocean, and by air through its international airports, Moi International Airport and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. See transport information article to find out more.

Kenya evisa

Certain conditions must be met by every foreigner planning to enter Kenya for a Variety of reasons

Valid Passport

The passport Has to Be valid for six months starting on the date of entrance
It is important that your passport gets validity of not less than six months past expiration of your trip
You’ll be needed by the immigration department to have at least 2 blank visa pages in your passport that are unstamped (for use in any exit and entry stamps). Refusal/difficulties receiving entrance can be meant by missing blank pages.

Appropriate Visa

Based on which state you come from, you may need a visa.

Citizens from neighboring nations aren’t mandated to have a visa, they simply use visitor pass by the immigration unit at the boundary or airport points.

However, you will find nationals who can’t enter Kenya without advance visas, like nationals from Iraq, Libya, Somalia, in addition to stateless persons, etc.. This listing is also qualified for frequent alterations.

There are just two ways of obtaining Kenyan visas:

In the airport upon arrival, though tedious and marred by delays
Advance software

Visa Options

Irrespective of the kind of trip You Wish to make, there are two visa options:

Single-entry visa

Authorizes one entry into the country.
Multiple journey visa
Permits several entries into the nation. You might require copies of documentation that is required and to cover more.

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